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The Maxwells of Montreal Vol II, Violette Nakhjavani, p126-7

My dear and valued co-worker:

Your letter so eloquently testifying to your immovable faith and abiding loyalty to the Cause, has greatly refreshed me. In these days of stress, of suffering and turmoil — out of which the Cause must needs emerge purer, stronger and nobler than ever -1 look to you as a shining light, a pillar of faith and a tower of strength overshadowing all who falter and feel disheartened. I strongly feel that the best way to meet the situation is to ignore Ahmad entirely, neither to openly denounce him nor to financially assist him. Try however to win unreservedly to our beloved Cause that pure and tender hearted Mrs. Chanler, for whom I feel a great love and sympathy. Much love to Mary and her father.


1931-03-23 to May Maxwell : ignore Ahmad, try to win back Chanler

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