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Lady Blomfield: Her Life and Times, Robert Weinberg, p299

Although this year has been on the whole very disastrous because of the terrible loss which the English friends have suffered by the passing of Miss Rosenberg and Mrs Claudia Coles, yet the Guardian hopes that the believers far from being discouraged will be enabled to unite their efforts and to carry on a successful campaign of teaching. He wishes the friends to follow the example of our two distinguished Bahai sisters who have recently passed away and to never cease to deliver the Holy Message by every means at their disposal.

1931-07-24 to British Baha’is re Rosenburg and Coles


Weinberg gives as a source a memorandum fm the Research Dept, rather than a copy in an archives. It is also not contained in the “Unfolding Destiny”, which makes it unclear to whom the msg was sent.

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