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The Artist’s Daughter” , Nancy Douglas Bowditch, p254-5

54. Letter from The Guardian via RuhiAfnan to Nancy Bowditch. Dated 8-10-31, Persian Colony, Haifa, Palestine.

Dear Mrs. Bowditch:

Shoghi Effendi wishes me to acknowledge the receipt of your letter written from Dublin. He was pleased to know of the work you and Mrs. Parsons succeeded to do this last summer, and hopes that it is the beginning of a greater work in the future. He trusts that every one of those who were interested will keep on studying the literature until they become well grounded in the tenets of the Faith.

Shoghi Effendi saw your article published in the Star and was so pleased with it that he hopes to include it in the Bahai World. Shoghi Effendi does not know of any special Tablet of the Master concerning Dublin. He would however like to see Mrs. Parsons stress the dynamic influence the Master’s personality had upon those who entered His presence, and also state some incidents to confirm that fact.

Shoghi Effendi was very glad to hear that you are busy working on a portrait of Dr. Esslemont. When completed, he would like to see it hung in the Mansion of Baha’u’lláh in Bahji, adjoining to His room.

Please extend Shoghi Effendi’s greetings to Mr. Frank Chant; he hopes that you will keep in touch with him, for without a personal touch such persons may gradually be lost to the Cause. Though the seed planted in their heart will never die out completely, yet they will fail to bear fruit and render some service to the Faith.

Shoghi Effendi was also glad to hear that Polly is keeping up her interest and conscientiously studying the literature. Please remember him to her.

In closing may I assure you of Shoghi Effendi’s prayers and of his appreciation for the services you are rendering to the Cause.

Yours ever sincerely,

Ruhi Afnan.

Note in Shoghi Effendi’s handwriting:

Dear and valued co-worker:

I very much regret the unavoidable delay in answering your most welcome letter. I wish to assure you in person of my keen appreciation of the moving article you have contributed to the Star. It has greatly touched me. I am looking forward to your painting which I trust will ere long adorn the walls of the Mansion at Bahji. The memory of your visit is still fresh in my mind. I will continue to pray for you that the beloved may inspire your pen and tongue in the service of His Cause.

Your true brother,


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