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1931-08-25 NSA Palestine Branch incorporated

USBN #57 - December 1931 - page 3

"It would interest you to know that the American National Spiritual Assembly, Palestine Branch, has been incorporated according to the law in Palestine, not as a foreign corporation or a charitable trust, but as a "religious society" enjoying all the privileges attaching to recognized religious institutions in the Holy Land. Shoghi Effendi hopes to transfer to the name of your Assembly additional plots of land in the vicinity of the shrine of Baha'u'llah in Akka and of the Bab at Mount Carmel as soon as he obtains the necessary authorization from the authorities, inasmuch as the right of holding real estate by religious institutions is strictly limited according to Palestinian law. This step which he has taken, which has necessitated many months of careful and delicate negotiations with both the local and central authorities, our Guardian feels will constitute the prelude to the eventual formation and recognition, by the Palestine Government, of a properly constituted International Baha'i Assembly, functioning as an independent religious body in the Holy Land."

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