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1931-08-29 to Corrine True, various

USBN #57 - December 1931 - page 4

Letter to Mrs. Corinne True, dated August 29th, 1931

Dear Baha'i Sister:

I am charged by Shoghi Effendi to acknowledge on his behalf the receipt of

your kind letter of July 30th, 1931, and to extend to you his loving appreciation

of your precious and continued services to our beloved Cause.

He wishes me also to inform you of the receipt of the picture of the first

Convention which you had sent for him, and he has placed it in the Mansion at


Regarding the statements which you had made in your recent talk to the

Racine Baha'is, Shoghi Effendi fully approves their validity and urges all the

American believers to abide by them. He wishes you, therefore, to write again and

recommend Dr. Morris, whose last letter addressed to you he read with careful

attention, to not let himself become involved in the policies of the different new

movements that are springing up in the States, and to concentrate all his efforts

on activities which are purely Baha'i in character.

This should not mean that the ideal which these societies are promoting are

contrary to those proclaimed by Baha'u'llah. Most of them present great

similarities to the Baha'i teachings. But the chief difference is that the Baha'i

principles and the Baha'i institutions are divine in their origin and their

character and that they are under the divine protection of Baha'u'llah. It is in

His Name therefore, that the Baha'is should strive. It is to Him that they should

look for help, and it is in His Bounty that they should have an unswerving faith.

With the renewed assurance of Shoghi Effendi's best wishes and of his

constant and fervent prayers for your spiritual advancement and success.

Yours in His Service,

(Signed) H. Rabbani.

Written on the above letter by Shoghi Effendi:

"Dear and esteemed co-worker:

I have corroborated, in my recent letter to Mr. Lunt, the statement that you

have made regarding my conversations with you in Haifa. They have been accurately

and faithfully conveyed. Your staunch, unswerving faith, your boundless devotion

and assiduous care to preserve the integrity and extend the bounds of the Cause,

are among the most richly valued assets that the Faith of Baha'u'llah has in that

land. Every visit you pay us in Haifa serves to confirm this conviction. I would

now urge you to remind, encourage and appeal to all believers you meet, to arise,

however great the obstacles, to contribute their share to the New Plan of Unified

Action recently announced by the National Spiritual Assembly. The Plan has my

wholehearted and unqualified approval. May every believer speedily and generously


Your true brother,


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