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1931-09?-XX to USNSA various

USBN #56 - October-November 1931 - page 3

To the National Spiritual Assembly

Mr. Alfred Lunt, Secretary.

Dear Baha'i Brother:

I am directed by Shoghi Effendi to acknowledge on his behalf the receipt of

your three letters dated July 6th, June 4th and July 9th, together with their

enclosures, all of which he has read with careful attention and deep interest.

Our Guardian wishes me to express his lively satisfaction at the efficiency

and promptness with which the National Spiritual Assembly have undertaken the

publication of "Nabil's Narrative . The plan you have conceived to further the

means for its production has met with his unqualified approval, and he hopes that

the response of the believers, not only among the English speaking Baha'is, but

the friends throughout the world, will be such as to repay fully the painstaking

efforts which you have exerted to insure its success.

He has already cabled you expressing his desire to associate himself with

the effort that you have made, and he will be glad to forward in the month of

October a check for the hundred copies of the standard edition which he has

requested you to send him. In addition he will mail a sum of three-hundred dollars

for nine copies of the special edition which he hopes to send to a few well-known

friends of the Cause. Shoghi Effendi would be pleased to hear of the response of

the believers to the call for both editions and would be glad to help in any way

he possibly can for a wide and prompt distribution of the volume published by your

committee. . . .

Shoghi Effendi was rather affected to learn of the meagre response of the

believers to the call urging them to maintain the standard of their self-

sacrificing endeavors in connection with the Temple. He is fully alive to the

critical character of the financial situation throughout the world and is well

aware of the extent of sacrifice that the completion of the structure has already

entailed. The publication of the "New Plan of Unified Action," he fervently hopes

and prays, will prove the signal for a fresh outburst of self-sacrificing zeal

which can alone carry this sacred enterprise to a successful conclusion.

Regarding the report of the Committee on Persian travel, Shoghi Effendi

feels that the paramount needs of the Temple should be given first consideration

by the believers. Not until the work of the exterior ornamentation on the first

unit (superstructure) of the Temple has sufficiently advanced would he advise the

American believers to embark on a fresh financial enterprise, however valuable and

significant it might be.

Our Guardian trusts that a careful reading of Nabil's Narrative will not

only serve to familiarize the American believers with the character of the

stirring events that have marked the birth of the Cause in that land, but will

serve to deepen their realization of the spirit that animated those who have

achieved such immortal renown on its soil.

With Shoghi Effendi's renewed assurance of unqualified admiration for the

manner in which you have arisen, in collaboration with the other members of the

National Spiritual Assembly, to discharge your sacred and arduous duties.

Yours sincerely,

(Signed) H. Rabbani.

My dear and esteemed co-worker:

The "New Plan of Unified Action: conceived, adopted and published by your

Assembly is an admirable one. It is at once concise, appealing in tone, dignified

in presentation and practical in its conception. It fully and truly deserves the

unreserved support of every American believer. I shall be glad to associate myself

with this further collective and heroic effort exerted by the friends by

contributing to your National Fund every month for a period of three years, the

sum of ninety-five dollars. Your Assembly, faithful to its trust and conscious of

its high calling, has sounded the call for a further and final effort on the part

of the followers of Baha'u'llah in that land. It is for them, now if ever, to

arise for the speedy consummation of a divinely appointed task.

(Signed) SHOGHI.

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