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Quoted in Never be Afraid to Dare, Jasion, p186-7

It is needless to say how deeply he was interested in the news you had to give him, especially in the names of those who have accepted the message and those who show enough interest to study it. He sincerely hopes that you will pursue your work and establish a regular Assembly.

If you already have five believers it is easy to find the rest.

Let every person teach one other soul and immediately you will have the necessary number completed . . .

The Balkan states are in an awful condition. It has been for the last century a centre of constant strife and hatred, and wars that have sprung up there have invariably brought misery to others also. It is therefore very essential that the message of peace be brought to these lands, that swords may be changed into ploughshares and the love of God be inculcated in the heart of the people. Among them are undoubtedly some ready and receptive souls who are fit to act as a leaven of goodness to those regions. Try to win them over and enlist them in the army of God.

In his moments of prayer and meditation Shoghi Effendi will surely remember you and ask for you divine guidance and help. Look not to your own ability to present the message; look to the promise of Bahà’u’llàh that He would help every soul who would rise to His service.

[In Guardian’s handwriting]

... Your splendid services, rendered with such faith, such humility, such perseverance and devotion, have at last been crowned with success. You have achieved a task that will ever live in, nay adorn and enrich, the annals of Goďs immortal Faith. What is now necessary is to consolidate the work already achieved. I have already cabled you urging a prolongation of your stay which I consider as vital and essential.

[to Marion Jack, 19 Nov 1931]

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