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1931-12-20 completion of Temple

USBN #59 February 1932 p3

"I deeply appreciate the continued and self-sacrificing endeavors of the

American believers in the face of the grave financial and economic depression into

which their country and the whole world is now plunged. That the Temple edifice

should arise under such circumstances, that its elaborate and exquisite

ornamentation should be carried out, through the efforts of a mere handful of

Baha'i followers despite the gloom, the uncertainty and the dangers which

surrounded them is but another evidence of the mysterious, all-compelling power of

Baha'u'llah whose blessings will be bountifully vouchsafed to all who arise to

carry out His purpose. The Cause is entering upon a period of unprecedented

achievements. The full measure of its glory and power will be gradually

manifested, if we, on our part, execute in their entirety the instructions and

bequests bequeathed to us by our beloved Master. The American believers have made

a speedy and successful termination a task which they have so nobly initiated and

which they alone are destined to accomplish." December 20, 1931.

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