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1931-12-25 Public speaking & contacts w/ social movements

USBN #64 - July 1932 - page 4

"Public speaking is undoubtedly very important for a person who desires to

teach, but this should be learned in schools and classes especially arranged for

such training. We should not permit an inferior presentation of the Cause to the

public for the sole reason that we desire to learn to do it better in the future.

The youth should be encouraged to train themselves in public speaking while they

are still pursuing their studies in schools or colleges.

"It is surely very necessary that the friends should keep in touch with the

modern social movements, but their main objective should be to draw more people to

the spirit and teachings of the Cause. They should learn from the experience of

others and not permit themselves to go (off) at a tangent, and finally be so

absorbed in other movements as to forget the Cause of God." (To Mrs. Harding,

Urbana, through Ruhi Afnan. Received December 25, 1931).

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