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1931-XX-XX plans for BW Vol IV

USBN #54 August 1931 p5

"In preparation for Vol. IV, which is to cover the period from April 1930 to

April 1932 all Local Spiritual Assemblies, Groups and Committees throughout the

Baha'i world are requested to plan with their respective National Spiritual

Assemblies the gathering of suitable material for that volume. Photographs and

articles of interest may be forwarded at any time. Reports to be incorporated in

the "Survey of Current Baha'i Activities in the East and West," should be in the

hands of the Committee not later than November 1st, 1931. The contents of Vol. III

will suggest the various materials desired for such an important and historic

publication as the Baha'i World. Articles and photographs that show the present

progress of the Cause, as well as records of past events, are particularly


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