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1932-01-14 re recent general letter.

USBN #59 - February 1932 - page 2

Persian Colony

Haifa, Palestine

Jan. 14, 1932

Dear Roy:

. . . Concerning the general letter he has sent lately to the Western

friends, to which you refer in your letter; Shoghi Effendi thinks that the friends

should spread the message it conveys to the public. It should undoubtedly be done

in a very judicious way lest the people think that we have entered the arena of

politics with rather drastic programs of reform. But we should at the same time

show the lead that the teachings take towards the realization of the international

ideal. The primary importance of the Cause among the existing religions of the

world is that, whereas the others have no coherent program upon which they are

united, the Movement is rich with the very spirit and teachings of world needs for

solving its present international problems. It is wonderful chance for the Cause

to absorb the interest of the intelligent elements in the public. . . .

Please convey Shoghi Effendi's greetings to your Mother as well as to the

Members of the National Spiritual Assembly.

Yours every sincerely,

(Signed) Ruhi Afnan.


This is a reference to the World Order letter titled “The Goal Of A New World Order” dated November 28, 1931.

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