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Persian Colony

Haifa, Palestine


Dear Miss Craighead:

Shoghi Effendi wishes me to acknowledge the receipt of your letter dates Jan 13th 1932 telling him that you have decided to join the Bahai group in Pittsburgh. This news gave him great pleasure, both because you have seen and appreciated the source of divine guidance in the present day and have thereby been lead to the Faith of Salvation, and also because in you we can expect a servant as devoted and self-sacrificing as your spiritual Mother Miss Martha Root.

If complete destruction of our civilization is to be averted, if the world is to become a land of peace and good-will where our personality an be enhanced and developed spiritually, souls will have to arise who will first get imbued with the spirit of God revealed in this age through Baha’u’llah, and the diffuse it into the consciousness of mankind. Unless this happens the darksome clouds that threaten a terrific storm to an already ravaged society, will not be dissipated, and the era ‘when the lion and the lamb shall lie together’ will never dawn.

Shoghi Effendi will remember you in his prayers and ask God to assist you. He trusts that you will exert all your efforts to deepen your knowledge of the history and teachings of the Faith and then arise to spread, what you have received, throughout the land.

With best wishes

Yours ever sincerely

<signed> Ruhi Afnan

With the assurance of my best wishes and fervent prayers for your spiritual advancement, and the success of your most welcome efforts for the promotion of our beloved Cause.

Your true brother

<signed> Shoghi

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