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1932-02-02 Complete decoration of dome

USBN #66 September 1932 p1

"I wish to add a few words in person in order to reaffirm the paramount, the

urgent necessity of devising ways and means that will ensure the success of the

Plan of Unified Action, and compensate for the disadvantage it has, unavoidably

and owing to unforeseen circumstances, suffered. I would appeal to every

conscientious follower of the Faith in that land not to rest until the means have

been made available to ensure the completion of the decoration of the Dome of this

imposing and marvelous Edifice before the end of the spring of next year. The

Cause will suffer, its prestige will no doubt be affected if the Plan, so

admirably conceived, should again fall into abeyance. This we must at all cost

prevent." February 2, 1932.

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