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1932-02-28 companionship

USBN #60 - March 1932 - page 7

Letter from Shoghi Effendi to Mr. Albert Windust,

Haifa, Palestine.

February 28, 1932.

Dear Mr. Windust:

Shoghi Effendi wishes me to acknowledge the receipt of your letter dated

February 7th, 1932, written on your arrival in Chicago.

The account of your trip, of the centers you have visited and the friends

you have met, was very interesting. Shoghi Effendi is sure that they have enjoyed

seeing you as much as you have obtained from meeting them. There is always a

mutual give and take in such visits and commerce of love. How much Shoghi Effendi

hopes that other pilgrims would do the same! The service rendered is far beyond

what we can estimate at the time.

Shoghi Effendi was especially glad to hear of the nice re-union you had with

your relatives in England. He sincerely hopes that this introduction you have

given them to the Cause, will awaken their interest and induce them to study the

teaching. While visiting the Shrines, Shoghi Effendi will pray for them and ask

for them all divine guidance and blessings. The Cause in England is at a

standstill. It is only occasionally that someone enters the folds as a confirmed

believer. They generally get interested and then drop off. The friends there are

constantly writing Shoghi Effendi to ask the Baha'is who come to Haifa, to so

arrange their plan as to visit England on their way home. They need assistance and

the friends in America are in a position to render it.

Shoghi Effendi hopes that by now your business has taken some shape and that

you do not find life so very exacting. Please convey his greetings to all the

friends, especially to your daughters. Assuring you of his prayers and loving


Yours ever sincerely,

Ruhi Afnan.

Dearly-beloved co-worker:

The days of our companionship under the shadow of the holy shrine, our

collaboration, our discussions, and prayers at the sacred threshold, will long

linger in my memory. Much as I had heard, and through correspondence learned, of

your tenacity of faith, your thoroughness, your passionate devotion to our beloved

Cause, the intimate experience of our meeting in this sacred spot has served only

to heighten my admiration for the spirit that animates you in the service of the

Cause. The sequel of your pilgrimage, your journey to Europe, I regard as an added

blessing and invaluable service which I greatly value. The letters I received

regarding your visit to the Baha'i centers testify to the deep impression you have

made upon the believers. I will from the depth of my heart supplicate for you and

your daughter, the Almighty's richest blessings.

Your true brother,


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