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Stewardship and Development p9

compiled for the USNSA 2005

“Concerning your question whether a person is to contribute to the Bahá’í Fund when he obtains his means of livelihood through public charity. Practically this is impossible, for a person who is so dependent upon the community cannot be of much help to others. Generally he does not have sufficient even for himself alone. In principle however, this is a secondary issue. Donations to the Cause are free. It is for every person to judge for himself whether he is in a position to contribute and whether he desires to do it; how he has obtained that sum is immaterial. A poor person may be readier than a rich man in sharing with others, and if he does, his sacrifice would be greater. A rich man’s gift may not be a sacrifice, but a poor man’s is sure to be.”

1932-03-09 On Behalf Of To An Ind re contribs fm someone on public assistance

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