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1932-04-13 constantly urged to study the literature of the Cause

USBN #64 - July 1932 - page 4

"Another essential thing is that those who do embrace the Faith should be

constantly urged to study the literature of the Cause. It is not sufficient that

our numbers should increase, we want people whose faith stands on a rock no trial

can move. We want people who in turn arise and carry the message to other people

and guide other souls.

"From every corner of the earth letters come to Shoghi Effendi asking for

teachers, but he is far, far from being able to answer all the demands. The only

way we can satisfy that need is to have every Baha'i follow the command of

Baha'u'llah and become himself a teacher. And that task is not so very impossible;

it only needs a thorough knowledge of the teaching and a burning desire to spread

the message." (To Spiritual Assembly of Fruitport, Mrs. Frazer, Secretary, through

Ruhi Afnan, April 13, 1932.)

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