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Dear Co-worker: Messages from Shoghi Effendi to the Benelux countries , pp17-19

Louise Drake Wright, 14 April 1932

Dear Miss Wright:
Shoghi Effendi wishes me to drop you these few lines to acknowledge the receipt of your cable asking his advice concerning your teaching tour. He believes that the most advisable thing is to concentrate upon northern Germany and Holland. He has already asked Miss Jack to stay in Sofia and Mr. Benke [George Adam Benke] is going to join her. Mrs. Gregory and Martha are to devote most of their time to Central Europe especially Hungary, Austria and Poland. This makes Eastern and Central Europe well provided for.

Shoghi Effendi therefore believes that you could render greater services if you visit the centers in Germany especially the northern part and also include Holland.

As far as we can learn through the correspondence we receive, the greatest amount and most lasting work has been achieved by those teachers who instead of covering much ground stay for at least a few weeks in the same city and try to confirm those whom they interest. Mere meeting the people and speaking to them about the general aspects of the Cause does not generally produce a lasting result. So if you chose some of the towns in Northern Germany and Holland and stay at least [a] few weeks in each place you could achieve more. Holland is a totally new country to the Cause so it will be true pioneer service. We do not know how receptive the people are but through the grace of God some real opening could be made.

We have only one Bahà’i there and his name is: Herr G.I. Bertelink [Gerrit Jan Bertelink ], Hoogstraat 3, Enschede, Holland. Perhaps you could use his help; other wise you will have to rely on your own resources and divine help.

Anyhow Shoghi Effendi hopes you will succeed and create a new and prosperous center in Holland. Assuring you of his prayers and best wishes I remain.

Yours ever sincerely, Rúhí Afnán

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