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1932-04-26 providing financial assistance

No. 68 - November 1932 - page 3

"He (Shoghi Effendi) was very glad to see you offer to help Mr. and Mrs. . . . . . . to stay in . . . . . . and serve the spread of the movement. They are surely wonderful souls and very competent to deliver the message to others. They are versed in the teachings and have the true Baha'i spirit, and these are the only capital a real teacher of the Baha'i Cause needs to he successful in his work. Moreover, it is the duty of the Baha'is to help one another in time of difficulty - in times such as these when our economic life is disrupted and as a result innumerable people are left without work and proper means of livelihood.

"But though your offer is most commendable, Shoghi Effendi would prefer to have the local Assembly of . . . . . . or the National Assembly decide whether the stay of Mr. andMrs. . . . . . . in . . . . . . . is vital enough for the Cause as to necessitate so much sacrifice on your part."

{To Mrs. Bessie F. Seker, Pittsburgh, Pa., through Ruhi Afnan, Haifa, April 26, 1932.)

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