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1932-04-27 membership of NSA

No. 67 - October 1932 - page 4

"Shoghi Effendi has never said that the members of the National Assembly

have to be renewed partially every year. The important thing is that they should

be properly elected. It would be nice if there should be new members elected, for

new blood always adds to the energy of the group and will keep up their spirit.

But this depends entirely upon the will of the delegates as represented in the

result of their voting.

"The teachers of the Cause can surely become members of any Assembly or

committee. There should be no incapacity attached to them. But Shoghi Effendi

would just prefer to see them devote all their time to teaching and leave the

administrative functions for those who cannot serve as teachers." (To Mr. Willard

Hatch, Los Angeles, through Ruhi Afnan, April 27, 1932.)

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