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1932-05-09 “The Dawn Breakers” and teaching

No. 67 - October 1932 - page 4

"Shoghi Effendi undertook the translation of "The Dawn Breakers only after

being convinced that its publication will arouse the friends to greater self-

sacrifice and a more determined way of teaching. Otherwise he would not have

devoted so much time to it. Reading about the life and activities of those heroic

souls is bound to influence our mode of living and the importance we attach to our

services in the Cause. Shoghi Effendi therefore hopes that the friends will read,

nay rather, study that book, and encourage their young people to do that as well.

"It is also very important to hold study classes and go deep in the

Teachings. A great harm is done by starting to teach without being firmly grounded

in the literature. 'Little knowledge is dangerous' fully applies to the teaching

work. The friends should read the Writings and be able to quote from the Tablets

when discussing subjects pertaining to the Faith." (To Mrs. Edith Hildebrand,

Clearlake Highlands, California, through Ruhi Afnan, May 9, 1932.)

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