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Her Eternal Crown: Queen Marie of Romania and the Baha’i Faith, Della L Marcus, pp183-4

Europe, especially Central and Eastern Europe, is a wonderful field for work. The great difficulties they have passed through these last years have made the people there peace-seeking and more ready to listen to a spiritual message proclaiming universal brotherhood. They are far more ready than the Latin countries that still possess the arrogance of victory in the last war.

Shoghi Effendi wishes to send a copy of the de luxe edition of ‘The Dawn-Breakers’ to Queen Marie. As he is not sure whether it will reach her if sent directly from here, he is sending it over to you. You could use your own judgement whether to send it to her by mail or wait and take it yourself when you go to see her during your visit to the Balkans. So he is sending it to you under separate cover . . .

I will mail a copy of the de luxe edition of ‘The Dawn-Breakers’ to your address in a few days, bearing an inscription for Queen Marie. May the Beloved guide you in the manner of its presentation to Her Majesty.

1932-05-22 to Martha re deluxe copy of Dawnbreakers for Marie

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