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1932-05-30 on teaching

No. 67 - October 1932 - page 4

"Administrative work and teaching do not exclude each other. Even though you

will find yourself forced to give more time to the former, Shoghi Effendi hopes

that you will keep up the latter form of service and continue to draw new souls

into the movement.

"Shoghi Effendi read the plan of work you have set for the National Teaching

Committee with great care. It surely depends ultimately upon the National Assembly

to approve it, or to modify it, but it seems as a whole to be most promising.

"Shoghi Effendi has seen, through the experience of the international

teachers that keep him informed regarding their activities, that intensive work is

ultimately of a more lasting nature. It has proven to be far better that a teacher

should spend a month or two in one center and wait until a group is formed, than

to cover a larger area and not stay enough in a center to help the progress of

those interested to the stage that they would feel themselves able to embrace the

Cause and identify themselves with it." (To Mr. Leroy Ioas, San Francisco, through

Ruhi Afnan, May 30, 1932.)

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