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Leroy Ioas - Hand of the Cause of God, Anita Chapman, pp92-3

1932-05?-XX advice to Leroy Ioas on election to NSA

[Shoghi Effendi] was very glad to see your name among the members of the National Assembly, because it shows that new blood is entering the administrative work . . . Your election to the N.S.A. answers fully your desire to have some guidance as to the form of service you ought to render the Cause. Administrative work and teaching do not exclude each other. Even though you will find yourself forced to give more time to the former, Shoghi Effendi hopes you will keep up the latter form of service and continue to draw new souls into the Movement . . . Even though you are the youngest member of that group he hopes you will be a source of inspiration to them and an example of servitude to the friends.

I wish to add a few words in order to reaffirm my deep sense of satisfaction at your having been elected a member of the National Assembly - a position which, I feel confident, you will fill with ability and distinction. May Bahá’u’lláh guide and sustain you in your responsible task and enable you to lend a fresh impetus, by your advice and executive ability, to the work that the Assembly has arisen to accomplish. Your activities in the teaching field are worthy of the highest praise, and I trust that your administrative services will be no less enduring and remarkable.

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