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Dear Co-worker: Messages from Shoghi Effendi to the Benelux countries , pp19-20

Louise Drake Wright, 30 July 1932

Dear Bahà’i Sister,
It was with a great sense of appreciation and joy that Shoghi Effendi received your letter of July 3th, 1932 which he read with deep care and interest, and he has directed me to address you these lines expressing his heartfelt thanks for your manifold services to our beloved Faith.

The detailed narrative of your most interesting experiences throughout your visits to the different European countries, the many contacts you made with both Bahà’is and non-Bahá’ís and especially with some distinguished University professors such as Dr. Fisher of the department of Oriental studies in the University of Leipzig, filled our Guardians heart with thanks and joy and confirmed his hopes for the future of your pioneering work in the many countries you visited.

I need not assure you how appreciative the Guardian is of all the precious efforts you are making for the spread of the Bahà’i teachings. He cherishes the brightest hopes for the future of your work. Your literary and intellectual power, your devotion and invincible faith as well as your perseverance and constancy, all these qualities of your heart and mind make you assuredly equal to the noble and most delicate task you have set yourself to achieve.

However meagre the immediate results of your efforts may be, however sceptical nay cynical the attitude of the public may seem to appear, you should always be confident that wherever you may go and to whomsoever you may speak the Hand of Divine Guidance is with you and will always lead you in the right path.

Shoghi Effendi will be always delighted to hear of your news and he wishes you to keep him in touch with your activities. And be assured that he will be always glad to give you any advice or help you may need. In his moments of meditation and prayer he will always remember you and ask the Almighty that He may cheer and comfort you and give you the necessary strength for the fulfilment of your most precious task.

Yours in His Service, H. Rabbání

Dear and valued co-worker:

Your message of sympathy cabled in connection with the passing of our beloved Khánum has touched me and relieved the burden of grief that weighs so heavily on my heart. Our loss is irreparable, our grief immense. The example of her saintly life will inspire us to follow in her footsteps. Your pioneer services in Holland are highly meritorious in the sight of God and I wish you to persevere in your noble task and not to allow either grief or the apathy of the people to deflect you from your high purpose. Your true brother, Shoghi

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