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Quoted in Never be Afraid to Dare, Jasion, p188

Your delightful and highly encouraging letter was a ray of light amidst the anxieties and cares of my arduous work. I was cheered, strengthened and relieved. I believe that the translation of the ‘Paris Talks’ is an excellent idea. Our Beloved, who watches over your devoted labours from on high, is highly pleased with your perseverance, your efficiency, your high endeavours. Perceive and never, never feel disheartened. The Almighty is guiding you in your great work for so great and sacred a Cause.

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My dear & precious sister: Your prolonged stay in Bulgaria, so providential, so timely, has been attended by blessings only future generations can rightly estimate. You should feel thankful 8c elated. Your work, however, is by no means completed. I am continually praying that the Beloved whom you have served so well may continue to inspire, sustain and guide you. The translation into Bulgarian of Paris Talks is an excellent suggestion & will, I feel, be greatly appreciated. More power to your elbow!

Your grateful brother,


[ltr to Marion Jack 30 July 1932]

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