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Dear Co-worker: Messages from Shoghi Effendi to the Benelux countries , pp21-22

Louise Drake Wright, 15 August 1932

Dear Bahà’i co-worker,

Your letters dated July 19th and 25th, 1932 addressed to Shoghi Effendi were duly received and read with deep interest. He has directed me to address you these few lines expressing his warmest thanks and his lively appreciation of your kind words of condolence and sympathy in connection with the sudden passing of the Greatest Holy Leaf. Your beautiful and touching words greatly alleviated the burden of his sorrow and comforted his aching heart.

At this terrible hour, when hearts are filled with grief and minds are turned towards God imploring His grace, our Guardians sole comfort is to see you as ever active in the service of the Cause.

In this great calamity which has affected all the friends both in East and West, his loss has been the greatest and the most cruel. But his heart is overflowing with thanks to God for the guidance and help which His blessings confer to all those who, scattered in every part of the globe, are striving to promote and consolidate the interests of the Faith.

He has, already, cabled to you regarding your teaching work in Holland and has urged you to concentrate on those few people who are truly interested in the teachings of the Cause and to make of them sincere Bahà’is. It is no use delivering the Message to the public in a general way. You should strive to take hold of some persons who have a genuine interest in the Faith and to deepen their knowledge and make them ready for teaching.

Assuring you once more of Shoghi Effendi’s warmest thanks and of his continued prayers on your behalf.

Yours in His service, H. Rabbání

Dear and precious co-worker:

Your services in Europe, and particularly in Holland, are deeply appreciated. I trust that through your constant efforts a center will be established in that country and will start to function vigorously and prove a prelude to still greater achievements in the future. I am urging Mrs. Greeven in Bremen to hasten the translation of Dr. Esslemont’s book into Dutch, as I feel it to be an essential preliminary to an intensive teaching campaign in that land. May the Beloved assist you to render memorable services and to establish His Faith in the hearts of its inhabitants. Your true and grateful brother, Shoghi

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