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[rcvd by Arden Lee fm Jeanne R Bolles?]

August 23, 1932

Beloved Sisters in the Faith -

Your letter of condolence and sympathy of July 24th, 1932 addressed to our beloved guardian brought immense to and satisfaction to his aching heart and greatly relieved the burden of his sorrow.

He has, accordingly directed me to thank you most warmly on his behalf and to convey to you all the expression of his lively appreciation and sincere love. though overflowing with grief at the unexpected removal of the Greatest Holy Leaf from our midst yet his heart is thankful to God for having given us the privilege of learning through her saintly and eventful life the efficacy of God’s power in moulding our entire existence and making us worthy instruments for the realization of His Divine plan.

The Greatest Holy Leaf’s eventful career of more than eighty years is, indeed, so full of precious incidents, each of which is a living testimony to her devotion, faith, and selfless efforts, that every Bahai cannot but feel the necessity of meditating upon its sacredness and of drawing from it the necessary inspiration and hope.

Though gone from our midst yet we feel certain that from her heavenly retreat she is continually showering her blessings upon everyone and is watching expectant to see us arise and dedicate our lives to a cause for the progress of which she toiled so much and for the future of which she cherished the brightest hopes. The expressions of unqualified devotion and self-sacrifice, of enthusiasm and zeal that signalized the proceedings America’s last annual convention greatly cheered and brightened the closing days of her life. May her saintly memory continue to guide our steps, inspire us with faith and hope and keep us ever constant in the faith.

Yours in His Service

H. Rabbani


Hossein Rabbani

[The following is in the same file as the above msg. it is not obvious whether it was attached or a separate msg fm the Guardian. The fact it is not signed suggests it is a typescript copy of some type.]

Dearly-Beloved Co-Workers:

Yur message redolent of your great attachment and devotion to Baha’u’llahs unique and exalted daughter, has brought considerable solace to my aching heart. I am greatly comforted to realize that in so promising a center, and through the efforts of so distinguished an assembly, so befitting a tribute has been paid to so exalted a memory. May Her spirit continue to guide, bless, and sustain your deliberations, and enable you to mirror forth the sublimity of Her life.

She will undoubtedly intercede for every one of yu before the Throne of Her Almighty Father. Rest assured and perservere in your high endeavors.

Your True Brother


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