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1932-09-10 development of local Baha'i community life

No. 68 - November 1932 - page 2

In a letter dated Haifa, September 10, 1932, the Guardian has written the

National Spiritual Assembly, through his secretary, as follows:

"The Guardian fully agrees with your idea that the permanent welfare of the

Faith demands the steady development of local Baha'i community life. The policy

your Assembly has adopted regarding the publication of Baha'i News, the signing of

a new contract regarding the dome of the Temple, and various measures involving a

strict retrenchment of administrative expenditure, have met with the Guardian's

whole-hearted and unqualified approval. He truly admires the spirit which enables

you to face the rigors and surmount the obstacles of a crisis unprecedented in its

gravity and worldwide in its effects. The constancy, wisdom, courage and loyalty

you have so thoroughly displayed are beyond all praise, and are worthy of your

high station as the standard-bearers of the Administration of the Faith of


To this letter the Guardian added the following words: "I am moved to add a

few words with my own pen, to what has been written on my behalf, renewing my plea

to you, and through you, to each member of your beloved community, to prosecute

with undiminished vigor, the enterprise which you have so splendidly inaugurated.

The Greatest Holy Leaf, from her retreat of Glory, is watching over you, is

interceding for every one of you and is expecting you to play your part in the

great task with which the prestige of her Father's glorious Cause is so closely

associated. You have, while she lived among us, contributed to a remarkable degree

to the brightening of her earthly life. By your persistent, your heroic endeavors,

you will, I am sure, bring added joy to her soul, and will vindicate afresh your

undying loyalty to her memory."

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