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1932-10-02 transferring Holy Land property

USBN #72 - April 1933 - page 3

"Shoghi Effendi wishes me to send you these few lines to enclose a copy of

the power of attorney that our lawyer here has framed in case any one of the

friends desires to transfer the property he holds around the Shrine to the name of

the National Assembly.

"As I told you in my previous letter, by law such lands can only be

transferred during one's lifetime. Otherwise it will go to the heirs according to

prescribed shares. The will of the deceased is inoperative in such cases. Shoghi

Effendi does not want to bring any form of pressure upon the friends. They are

naturally free to keep the property in their name and have it go to their heirs.

"In case they express the desire to make such a transfer and have the

property revert to the Cause then they have to sign this power of attorney before

a Notary Public and then have it countersigned by the British Consul in that


"The power of attorney is in my name and not in the name of the Guardian

because he represents the N.S.A. and will sign for them. He cannot represent both

parties to the transfer.

"For the transfer there are some expenses, among them 3 per cent of the

value of the land, which is government taxes. They do not, however, amount to very


"Please note that besides putting their name and signature they have also to

state the number of the deed which is mentioned on the Certificate of Registration

which they hold.

"Assuring you of Shoghi Effendi's prayers and best wishes, I remain,

Yours ever sincerely,

Ruhi Afnan.

Haifa, Palestine,

October 2, 1932."

"Power of Attorney

I/we the undersigned ................. do hereby give power of attorney to

Mr. Ruhi Agnan [sic] of Haifa, authorizing him in my/our place and name to sell,

transfer and register in the name of the National Spiritual Assembly of the

Baha'is of the United States and Canada - Palestine Branch the property registered

in my/our name under deed No. ...... situate in Haifa and also to administer the

said property, to effect partition, parcellation, correction of area and

boundaries, sue in Courts and generally do such things and steps in connection

with the said property as my said agent shall think fit, and for that purpose to

appear before the Land Registries, Courts and Government Offices, sign

applications, deeds and other documents, admit receipt of purchase price, and also

to appoint other and others in his place and revoke at pleasure such substitutes.

In Witness Whereof I/We Have Set Hereunto My/Our Hands.

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