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1932-10-10 the arts

USBN #73 - May 1933 - page 7

Mrs. Clara Weir of Hollywood has received a letter from the Guardian.....

[Last spring Mrs. Weir staged a "Pageant of Nations" .... lines ...selected by

Mrs. Weir from "The Promulgation of Universal Peace".]

"Shoghi Effendi was very much interested to learn of the success of the

'Pageant of Nations' which you produced. He sincerely hopes that all those who

attended it were inspired by the same spirit that animated you while arranging it.

"It is through such presentations that we can arouse the interest of the

greatest number of people in the spirit of the Cause. That day will the Cause

spread like wildfire when its spirit and teachings are presented on the stage or

in art and literature as a whole. Art can better awaken such noble sentiments than

cold rationalizing, especially among the mass of the people.

"We have to wait only a few years to see how the spirit breathed by

Baha'u'llah will find expression in the work of the artists. What you and some

other Baha'is are attempting, are only faint rays that precede the effulgent light

of a glorious morn. We cannot yet estimate the part the Cause is destined to play

in the life of society. We have to give it time. The material this spirit has to

mould is too crude and unworthy, but it will at last give way and the Cause of

Baha'u'llah will reveal itself in its full splendor."

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