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1932-10-11 unity of friends

USBN #71 - February 1933 - pp. 2

"What impressed him (Shoghi Effendi) most in the account of your services

was the statement that the old and the young Baha'is are firmly united and

cooperating in bearing the burden of the Faith in that locality. Nothing will

attract God's blessings and grace more than the unity of the friends, and nothing

is more destructive of their highest purpose than divisions and misunderstandings.

Cling therefore to unity if you desire to succeed and abide by the will of your

Lord Baha'u'llah; for that is the true objective of His Mission in this world."-

(To the Spiritual Assembly of West Englewood, New Jersey, through Ruhi Afnan,

Haifa, October 11, 1932).

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