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1932-10-18 academic fashions and fads

USBN #80 - January 1934 - pages 5

He sincerely hopes and prays that the literature and letters you are sending

to eminent men in the different parts of the country will have their desired

effect and that the Word of God will gradually penetrate into their heart and win

it. It however takes time. Such men are generally captive in the hands of some

cherished ideas and principles which they cannot give up so quickly. The mere fact

that a person is learned does not mean that he is free from prejudice.

The academic life also has its fashions and fads, even though they are of

different nature from the fads of the man on the street. These fashions are not

permanent; they are bound to change. Today the fad is a materialistic view of life

and of the world. A day will soon come when it will become deeply religious and

spiritual. In fact, we can discern the beginning of such a change in the writings

of some of the most eminent souls and liberal minds. When the pendulum will start

its full swing, then we shall see all such eminent men turn again to God. - (To

Mr. Willard Hatch, October 18, 1932.)

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