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1932-10-18 need for deepening

USBN #71 - February 1933 - pp. 2

"The report of your teaching work in Milwaukee made him (Shoghi Effendi)

very happy. He sincerely hopes that every one of those individuals who expressed

his desire to join the Movement will gradually become so confirmed that no amount

of trials and tribulations will deter him from sharing in the work of spreading

the Faith throughout the world.

"Before undertaking such a task, however, it is necessary that they should

deepen their knowledge of the Teaching. They should learn to study the words for

themselves and both grasp their significance and also become imbued with their

spirit. The hope of Shoghi Effendi is not only to increase the number of the

friends but also to have true and more understanding Baha'is. The task of the

teachers is to produce such efficient servants for our beloved Faith. . . . These

nine months, during which the Guardian has asked the friends to discard Feast

Days, are meant to be months of mourning for the passing away of the Greatest Holy

Leaf. The friends should also use them as a period of redoubled energy in serving

the Cause, in expression of our deep love for her as well as for the Cause for

which she suffered so much." - (To Mrs. Ruth Moffett, Chicago, Illinois, through

Ruhi Afnan, Haifa, October 18, 1932).

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