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1932-11-16 World Fellowship of Faiths

USBN #72 - April 1933 - pp. 3

Before you extend any sort of help to, or affiliate yourself with, the World

Fellowship of Faiths, Shoghi Effendi feels that the N.S.A. should find out whether

its purpose is in any way political, especially now that its leadership is

transferred from Rabbi Wise to Mr. Das Gupta. In case it is non- political and its

purpose is not a form of Indian propaganda, then the Guardian feels you should

take part in their gatherings. The first task is to find out the underlying motive

of the Society and then, in case it coincides with the Baha'i spirit, lend them

help and advise the friends to cooperate with them. Otherwise the Guardian

believes we will be involved in grievous difficulties.

(signed) Ruhi Afnan.

Haifa, Palestine,

November 16, 1932.


gen info see

For Baha’i involvement, see “GEORGE TOWNSHEND : Hand of the Cause of God” by David Hofman, p123+

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