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1932-11-XX Poona India contrib to Temple

USBN #72 - April 1933 - page 8

"He (Shoghi Effendi) was very glad and gratified to learn that the friends of Poona have contributed the sum of one thousand rupees towards the construction of the Temple in America. It is a most appropriate and timely contribution because the friends have undertaken to complete the exterior decoration of the dome before the end of spring, that is, before the opening of the World Fair that is to be opened in Chicago about June of next year. And the sum needed for the purpose, due to the existing depression, is not flowing in. Any sum offered by the friends at this time is most welcome and will be deeply appreciated by Shoghi Effendi and the friends in America.

"The Guardian is most pleased with the way the friends in Poona are striving to serve the Faith and consecrating their life for its promotion. In his hours of prayer at the blessed Shrines he will think of them and ask God to help them and sustain their noble endeavors. He trusts that, through their persistent efforts and Baha'u'llah's infinite blessings the Cause will be established in that land and thousands of pure souls will be brought under its banner." Ruhi Afnan.

And in our Guardian's own blessed hand this postscript:-

"Dear co-workers: I am eagerly awaiting the news of the completion of the

Urdu, the Hindi, the Gujrati, and the Burmese translations, and eventual

publication of Dr. Esslemont's valued book, for I regard them as essential

preliminaries to an intensive campaign of teaching among the unbelieving masses in

that great and promising country. May your efforts, in collaboration with the

believers of that land hasten the fulfilment of this, my heart's cherished

desire." - SHOGHI.

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