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Reviewing:: Practice and Functions of Literature Review #4

Compiled by Universal House of Justice Research Department. 1990-05

  1. (1) When Shoghi Effendi orders someone to translate some book it does not mean that the work could be published without the sanction of the National Spiritual Assembly even though that sanction may be a function of formality, for Shoghi Effendi has submitted for the sanction of the National Spiritual Assembly things that he has himself translated.

    • (2)  The National Assembly should be interested in such translations and help as much as possible for it is, after all, a service to the Cause. That body should therefore be responsible for copyrights and other matters. Their attitude should be that of assistance rather than obstruction.

    • (3)  The National Spiritual Assembly should feel interested and help in such translations.

    • (4)  The National Spiritual Assembly is free to help in its publication or not, according to whether they deem the work worthwhile. Their objective should be the highest good of the Cause and not obstruction of individual initiative.

    • (27 December 1932 to an individual believer) 

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