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1932-XX-XX use of material resources

USBN #59 - February 1932 - page 3

Shoghi Effendi has directed me to write this in answer to your letter,

expressing his appreciation of your aspirations and conveying to you his loving


As to material sacrifices toward the welfare of the Cause, he wishes you to

understand that the general interests of the Cause take precedence over the

interests of the particular individuals. For instance, contributions to the

welfare of individuals are secondary to contributions to the National and Local

Funds and that of the Temple.

This is a general instruction. Of course helping the individuals in case one

is able to help, is also desirable and merits appreciation. He is glad to learn

that you have been helping . . .. Surely God will reward you. He prays for you and

for . . . . so that you may prosper more day by day and . . . may also be released

from the inconveniences of life.

Your humble brother in His Name,

(Signed) Aziullah S. Bahador.

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