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1933-01-11 activities of the Economics Committee

USBN #73 - May 1933 - page 7

"As regards the activities of the economic committee of the National

Assembly; Shoghi Effendi fully sympathizes with the desire of some of the members

to see the committee find ways and means to put into practice the economic

teachings of the Cause, as explained in some of the recorded writings and sayings

of Baha'u'llah and the Master. But he believes that the time is not yet ripe for

such activities. First we have to study the economic teachings in the light of

modern problems more thoroughly so that we may advocate what the founders of the

Faith say and not what we conjecture from their writings. There is great

difference between sounding a great general principle and finding its application

to actual prevailing conditions.

"Secondly, the Cause is not financially in a position to launch itself in

such undertakings at present. Such plans need great financial backing to be worked

out in a permanent form. In time, Shoghi Effendi hopes all these things will come

to pass. For the present we have to consolidate our basic institutions and spread

the teachings and spirit of the Faith among the public.

"This is, in short, the attitude of the Guardian; but as you are a committee

of the National Assembly he wishes you to follow its directions. In creating your

committee the N.S.A. had undoubtedly some definite purpose in mind for which they

asked you to labor and it is your task to work for that purpose.

"In his moments of prayer at the Blessed Shrine the Guardian will think of

you as well as the members of the Committee and ask God to guide and assist you in

the service of His Faith."

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