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Corinne True: Faithful Handmaid of Abdu’l-Baha, Nathan Rutstein, p198-9

Dear and valued co-worker:

.......... Your absence from Chicago, during the Exposition would, I feel certain, leave a gap that few could fill. Your experience, your exemplary devotion to whatever affects the interests of our beloved Faith, your high purpose and tenacity of faith eminently qualify you to introduce the Cause, explain its aim, reveal its spirit, and demonstrate the significance of its institutions, to the countless visitors who will throng that city this summer. Personally I would prefer to have you and your dear daughter entertained by me and the Master's family in Haifa, but for the sake of the Cause, I feel the urge to address you this request. Your services are engraved upon my heart. I can never forget them or overestimate their value.

[to Corinne True, 11 January 1933.]


After the death of the Greatest Holy Leaf, Corinne True was depressed and asked permission to come on pilgrimage, missing the Century of Progress Exposition in Chicago.

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