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1933-01-26 ltr of Abdu’l-Baha to Chase in 1907

USBN #72 - April 1933 - page 4

re: Tablet which the Master revealed to Mr. Thornton Chase in 1907.

"The Guardian fully recognizes the authenticity and controlling influence of

this instruction from Abdu'l-Baha upon the question. He, however, feels under the

responsibility of stating that the attitude taken by the Master implies certain

reservations. He, therefore, lays it upon the individual conscience to see that in

following the Master's instructions no Baha'i vote for an officer (i.e., in a

civil election) nor Baha'i participation in the affairs of the Republic shall

involve acceptance by that individual of a program or policy that contravenes any

vital principle, spiritual or social, of the Faith."

"Dear Co-workers:

I feel it incumbent upon me to clarify the above statement, written on my

behalf, by stating that no vote cast, nor office undertaken, by a Baha'i, should

necessarily constitute acceptance, by the voter or office-holder, of the entire

program of any political party. No Baha'i can be regarded as either a Republican

or Democrat as such. He is, above all else, the supporter of the principles

enunciated by Baha'u'llah, with which, I am firmly convinced, the program of no

political party is completely harmonious.

Your true brother, SHOGHI."

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