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1933-02-23 conclusions of scholars

USBN #77 - September 1933 - Page 1-2

"As regards what Mirza Abu'l Fazl has said concerning the Seven Religions of

the past, Shoghi Effendi wishes to emphasize that what is truly authoritative are

the words of the Master. In all such cases we should try and find out what He has

said and abide by His words, even thought they seem to conflict with the findings

of modern scholars. If He does not say anything on the subject, then the

individual is free to accept, or refute what scholars such as Abu'l Fazl, say.

Through the discussion of these (statements by scholars), the truth will

ultimately be found, but at no time should their decision be considered as final."

(To Mrs. Shahnaz Waite, Los Angeles, dated Haifa, February 23, 1933.)

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