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Bahá’í Youth: A Compilation

Prepared By: National Spiritual Assembly Of The Baháís Of The United States (1973)

"He deeply sympathizes with the situation you are facing. But there are undoubtedly millions of young educated people throughout the world facing the same issue, youths who have to continue studying just because, they have no available means of taking up an occupation.

"But these may be called the fortunate ones of their generation, for they have at least a sure means of livelihood and can afford studying in the colleges and developing themselves as preparation for better days. Those must be pitied who have to sit in the parks and public places waiting for a job, and whose spirit is actually killed by inaction.

"Anyhow, Shoghi Effendi feels that you should feel thankful to God for your situation, even as it is. As the Cause develops it will need more and more people who are really versed in their branch of learning and who can interpret the teachings to suit the facts. You will, therefore, be preparing yourself for a higher form of service if you use this forced leisure in going deeper in your branches of study. The Guardian feels it would be wonderful if, after obtaining your Master's degree, you would continue and work for your doctorate. At the same time you will be in college circles, associated with students and therefore able to spread the teachings among them. It is very important that the movement should enter the colleges and start to acquire the support of student bodies. No one can attempt such a task better than Bahá’í students like you."

(From letter dated February 25, 1933, written on behalf of Shoghi Effendi to an individual believer)

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