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1933-02-26 All spiritual movements have some spark of truth

USBN #80 - January 1934 - pages 5

All the spiritual and social movements existing in the world, and

undoubtedly there are many of them, have some spark of the divine truth. Their

very existence shows that they have something to offer to man and fulfil some

purpose. But what the world needs, at such a critical moment in its history, is

not a mere palliative. It needs a movement that goes deep into its social and

spiritual illness and brings about a complete, fundamental change - a change that

will include in its scope both the social and spiritual reform of man. But such a

movement cannot be inaugurated save by a messenger of God, revealed by Him for

that very object. In similar critical moments that have punctuated the history of

man in the past, a Zoroaster, a Moses, a Christ and a Muhammad appeared, and in

this day, the Baha'is declare, Baha'u'llah has been revealed.

Just as in the past the Prophets have been persecuted and their Mission was

ridiculed, so has the message of Baha'u'llah been scoffed at as a mere impractical

idealism. From His earliest youth He was put in chains, expatriated and

persecuted. But what do we observe in this day? less than forty years after His

death, the principles He advocated are the only solution for practical politics,

the spiritual truths He voiced are the crying needs of man and the very thing he

requires for his moral and spiritual development.

He does not ask us to follow Him blindly; as He says in one of His Tablets,

God had endowed man with a mind to operate as a torchlight and guide him to truth.

Read His words, consider His teachings, and measure their value in the light of

contemporary problems and the truth of His mission, as well as the true spirit He

creates in whosoever follows His ways. - (To Mrs. Paxton, February 26, 1933.)

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