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Dear Co-worker: Messages from Shoghi Effendi to the Benelux countries , pp23-24

Louise Drake Wright, 11 March 1933

Dear Miss Wright:

Shoghi Effendi was very glad to receive your two letters dated September 30th, 1932 and February 19th, 1933 together with the enclosed.

As regards the election of new members on the National Assembly, Shoghi Effendi finds no other practical method that is in conformity with the spirit of the Teachings, except through better acquaintance of the friends during the annual convention and summer schools. It is the duty of the individual friends to come to know one another and find out who are the persons best fitted to become members of that body. This is a slow process but surely the best one and gives the greatest amount of freedom of choice to the electors. It is the duty of the friends individually to become more intelligent voters and vote only after studying the situation conscientiously.

As regards the chart representing creation, we should always remember that no matter how useful such charts may be for beginners, the real authority lies in the Tablets of Bahà’u lláh and the Master. They have to say the last word. It is by them that we should be guided, rather then by charts that help the beginners.

The Guardian was very glad to hear that you are contemplating a second visit to Holland.13 According to the reports we have received from Mrs. Greeven, Captain Liebau14has completed the translation of Dr. Essle- monfs book. Should it go immediately to the printers, as Shoghi Effendi hopes it will, it will be a source of great assistance to you.15

In Eastern Europe the Cause is making wonderful head-way. We earnestly hope Northern Europe will do the same. They are very enlightened and should appreciate the importance of peace and a spiritual regeneration of man.

In his moments of prayer at the blessed Shrines, the Guardian will think of you and Mrs. Nelson16 as well as the other friends in Boston and ask for you all divine guidance and help.

Yours ever sincerely, Rúhí Afnán

Dear co-worker:

The problems which confront the believers at the present time, whether social, spiritual, economic or administrative will be gradually solved as the number and the resources of the friends multiply and their capacity for service and for the application of Baha'i principles develops. They should be patient, confident and active in utilizing every possible opportunity that presents itself within the limits now necessarily imposed upon them. May the Almighty aid them to fulfil their highest hopes. Your true brother, Shoghi

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