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Quoted in Never be Afraid to Dare, Jasion, p189

Even though Shoghi Effendi would like you to stay in Bulgaria until the group is matured enough to take care of itself, yet he does not mind such short absence. It helps the friends to rely upon their own resources and to learn to become independent of someone to mother them. So there is no harm in prolonging your absence a little more. Shoghi Effendi believes that it would be very nice if you should go with Martha to Belgrade for the Esperanto Congress* and proceed to Adrianople for a stay of about two weeks in that city. There you could make some paintings of the Mosque of Sultan Selim that Bahà’u’ilàh used to frequent, and also of some of the houses He occupied. It would also be nice to start a group there. In Adrianople you could separate: Martha would go to Greece and you to return to Sofia to your spiritual family.

[postscript by Shoghi Effendi]

Your historic work, so nobly initiated in Sofia and so strenuously followed in that capital and the neighbouring cities of Bulgaria, must, I feel, be further consolidated by the early resumption of your activities in that country. I would like you, however, to stay longer with our dearly- beloved Martha, and to visit with her Serbia and Adrianople. May this tour refresh and strengthen you, and enable you to extend still further the scope of y our valued activities and exemplary labours in the Divine Vineyard.

[* 6th Jugoslavija Esperanto-Kongress, 4-5 June 1933

ltr to Marion Jack 14 Mar 1933]

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