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1933-03-16 construction of the dome

USBN #73 - May 1933 - page 7

"Shoghi Effendi read. the admirable report on the construct£ O/I of the dome ... He believes that it is miraculous for the friends to have done so much in such difficult days. It reveals their inflexible determination to serve the Cause and their readiness to sacrifice their all in that path. The Guardian hopes, however, that they will persevere on this road and attain their final goal. Their faith should never fail them, and their vision of the future and its victories must never grow dim. The Master's spirit will guide them and, through their instrumentality, will perform astounding miracles."

(A letter to the National Spiritual Assembly from the Guardian, written .through Ruhi Afnan, dated Haifa, March 16, 1933.)

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