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1933-03-16 re NSA statement on politics

USBN #72 - April 1933 - page 4


"Elaborate, emphasize in News Letter excellent explanation paragraph five,

page two, February News Letter.

(signed) SHOGHI."



"The instruction not to take part in political elections leaves us free to vote in any election where the various political parties have combined upon one candidate or one ticket. While Baha'is should not run for offices dominated by party politics. they are perfectly free to hold administrative posts based upon personal capacity, as for example the posts within the field of civil service examinations. Local Spiritual Assemblies should surely assume that each believer is entirely loyal to the Guardian's request, and not take the step of requiring explicit obedience in advance. It is only in the event of deliberate disloyalty, when every effort of local consultation has failed that the question of depriving anyone of his Baha'i membership is involved."

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