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Her Eternal Crown: Queen Marie of Romania and the Baha’i Faith, Della L Marcus, pp203

‘Also he would like you to hasten the completion of the Romanian translation . . .’

Pressure of voluminous, ever-increasing correspondence constantly interferes with my immediate acknowledgement of your soul-refreshing letters. How much each one of them contributes to the removal of the obstacles, material, mental and spiritual that stand in my way! How much they alleviate my cares and sorrows! How intensely they brighten my vision of the future glory, the present vitality of our beloved Faith! I am mailing to your address a small bottle of attar of rose, and am deeply sorry that such a mistake has been made. Where and how it occurred it is impossible to tell.

1933-03-18 to Martha re BNE, her services & bottle of attar of roses.

the bottle of attar of rose was for Queen Marie. A previous bottle was tampered with in transit

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