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1933-04-20 teaching and training of Baha'i children.

USBN #77 - September 1933 - Page 2

"He (Shoghi Effendi) was deeply gratified to hear that the friends are

attaching such a great importance to the teaching and training of Baha'i children.

The education of the youth is, undoubtedly of paramount importance as it serves to

deepen their understanding of the Cause and to canalize their energies along the

most profitable lines. Inasmuch, however, as the national expenses of the Cause in

America are daily increasing, the members of your Committee should be very careful

not to extend beyond their financial resources the sphere of their activities. The

plans your Committee has made should not develop to such an extent as to hamper

the progress of the Temple work." (To members of Committee on the Teaching and

Training of Children, dated Haifa, April 20, 1933.)

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