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The Babi Question you mentioned . . .Jelle deVries, p186

1933-04-24 to Louise Wright re pub of Iqan in Dutch

Dear and precious co-worker,

your two letters April 6th and 7th have just arrived and I am delighted to hear of the splendid start you have made. I wish you could induce Mr. Verhulst to undertake and finish as soon as he can the trans, of the Iqan, which has already been published in four languages, the latest being the Chinese version. The book constitutes an essential preliminary to an intensive and intelligent campaign of teaching in Holland. I wish he could complete the translation before the end of the present year! If he cannot undertake it in person. I trust his collaborators may enable him and complete it. The “New Era” is being trans, into fifteen additional languages! May the Beloved bless richly your historic work. Rest assured, I will continue to pray for you.

Your true brother Shoghi.

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